Oakham Pride 2022

Your Quotes and Pictures!

Andrew Pinnock 

"This was my first Pride and tried to get someone to come with me. I ended up coming alone. When I was walking from the car park I saw someone standing at the corner of the park. We got chatting and I was feeling very accepted already.When we got to the parking area I was introduced to more people and started to feel so welcomed by everyone I met. I was asked to join a little group and tagged along (they are now friends and we hope to go to Peterborough together).We kept together through the march and all the time we were at the castle. The entertainment was great (especially The Undefined). Got a bit sunburnt but had a wonderful day. Can't wait for next year and other Prides."

Paul Neenoo

"Well done everyone xxx "

Steve Keegan

"great day"  

Samantha Gardner

"The wife had and I had a lovely day and met some lovely people x "

Kerry Brookman-Phillips

"I absolutely loved it had such an amazing day"

Olivia Nicholas  

Vicky Louise

"I attended for my babies first pride fantastic time and met some lovely new friends xx "

Liz, Sammy and Harry.

Sarah Brown

"I loved it! I sang with The Pantones. I think the smaller Prides are just as important as the larger ones, if not more so, as they really help to increase LGBTQ visibility in an area not previously thought of as being particularly diverse. People can't be what they can't see! Thank you " 

Paint High Street


"Oakham Pride was my first Pride event and was, as expected, a delight. I am an ally and it was incredibly emotional seeing so many people come together in a community that has previously projected very little diversity. I hope to attend next year and would certainly attend other Pride events!"

Hungry Birds Cafe

"I never in my wildest dreams expected us to have over 500 attendees. I was blown away by the love and support of everyone.." - Lucy Slessor (Chairman of Oakham Pride)

Ellen Cryer

Karl M Singer

"I had a great time hosting and celebrating pride at Oakham Pride it was so lovely to see such a diverse and wonderful community coming together to celebrate love and acceptance, especially during Pride Month X" 

Curios & Clobber

Anna Chivers

"Yeah, huge congratulations to Lucy and everyone who made the first of many Prides in Oakham happen"  

Martin Brookes

"It was fabulous " 

Carly Armitage 

"I was only there for the first hour and a half or so, but absolutely yes. "

Andy Phillips...

" A little bit after shaking our tail feathers, and a little bit before walking home with a frickin' heavy amp and guitar from the raffle, thanks and congrats for organising a great event ."

Natalie & Daughter

"Amazing event! Well done all concerned 👏 🥰🏳️‍🌈" 

Karen Carter-neehuis

"I attended pride ,it was the first time I was with Hannah Rack my drag daughter the vibe was brilliant everybody was so happy dancing in the castle was so enjoyable it was great seeing so many attending it and supporting each other,there was a lot of love in Oakham that day well done in organising it , perhaps if you do it next year perhaps a couple more stalls would be great to keep everyone entertained, and maybe if they allow perhaps live music etc held in the evening in the castle grounds would bring many more there xxx"

Kaz White

Joy Tremble

"I had a fantastic time at Oakham 1st pride 2022 Both as a stall holder and as an individual From the start I was made to feel welcome and on the day there was lots of help to set up and get the stall up and running. On the day I thought it was well run and had lots of volunteers on hand to organise or help anyone in need I thought the stall cost was reasonable and I would love to come back for the next. I enjoyed the music dance and poetry from my stall My stall was very well supported and I got the chance to speak with lots of new people After I'd finished selling I got the chance to mingle for a while and sat on the grass listening to music. I thought it an ideal family-friendly day out ."

Claire Gutteridge

"Hi had a fantastic time at the pride fest"

Nicole Welsh

"Brilliant event" 

Nicky Ferguson

"This was aaammmaaaaazzzinnggg... well done to all involved " 


"I really enjoyed the event - 1st 'Pride' I have ever attended. So great to feel free and able to be really me!! Love is Love"

Michelle O'Sullivan

"We had such a great time!!! "

Linda Stubbs

"Had a lovely day. Now dealing with the sunburn and aching feet"  

Elizabeth Jane Lovely

"Congratulations to everyone involved with the creation of Oakham's first pride, utterly brilliant"! 

Samantha Gardner and wife Donna Gardner  

Donna Marie Gardner

"Weve attended many prides big & small. Oakham was a nice day out & we had a great day & met some new friends. Few tweaks & next years will hopefully be another fantastic day that more people will attend!! "


"HelloI attended for my babies first pride, I put a message on a Facebook group (Lesbian space) where I'm a admin asking if anyone would like to meet up. I met up with a lovely lady off there and then whilst waiting for the March to start I met up with 3 more lovely ladies who have now become friends.A fantastic time was had."

Allsaints Hairdressing Mill Street

Antonia Garnett-Clarke

"2022 saw a landmark event for Rutland, its first-ever Pride march and festival! We were so proud to be a part of it. The sun shone and there were many happy smiling faces! Everything ran smoothly and was well organised. The after party was brilliant, the atmosphere was really relaxed but fun. We can't wait for next year's Pride!"

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